Avivit Segal

In my early career I practiced Chinese Medicine and Psychology. Later on, I specialized in baking and patisserie in Ecole Le Notre, Paris. Over the years, I’ve felt a growing urge to express myself in different ways. This led me to study art in the Faculty of Arts at HaMidrasha-Beit Berl, Israel. Living in Atlit, a northern town by the sea, I use the beach as a daily source of inspiration. In my photography and dough installations I attempt to create spaces of dialogue between presence and absence.


Avivit Segal 

Multidisciplinary artist

Born in Israel, 1970

Lives and works in Atilt  

Personal details:

Address: Atilt

Mobile: +972 50-4777431


Academic education

2008-2010 The School of Art – HaMidrasha-Beit Berl

1996 Baking expertise, Paris, Ecole Lenotre

1990-1994 Psychology and Chinese Medicine studies

Solo exhibitions

2022  Les Pains Perdus – Mémoire de L’avenir Gallérie, Paris

2021 Elements – ‘Reut’ School of Arts and Sciences

2018  Through the Void – Periscope galley, Tel Aviv

2017 Roots –  Artists’ house Tel Aviv

2016 Void  – Mémoire de L’avenir Gallérie, Paris

2015 Wavelet – Cinematheque, Jerusalem

2015 Traces  –  Ein Hod Gallery

2014 Seas a day  – Office Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 Sham Mayim  –  Art Space, Old Jaffa

2012 White  –  Beit Hecht, Haifa

Special projects

2021 “Not on bread alone”  –  Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

2010  “The sacred feminine” –   Between sculpture and baking , The Artists Residence Herzliya

Selected group exhibitions

2202 Fragments of a Beginning, Saga Social Art Gallery, Old Jaffa


2022 ISRAEL LANDSCAPE,  Teatro Paesana , Torino

2022 A tribute to plant earth, The Artists House, Tel Aviv


2022 ISRAEL LANDSCAPE,    Art Contemporary Museum, Villa Croce, Genoa

2021 Freshpaint Art Fair, Velodrome Stadium, Tel Aviv

2021 Gold leaves, Gallery at the Multidisciplinary Arts Center, Hod Hasharon

2021 The eye and the spirit, The Rishon Lezion Artists’ House

2020-21 The Biennale of Arts and Design, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

2020 The lights of hope Torino, Italy

2020 Gan Lewinsky Library, Beit Benyamini, Tel Aviv

2019 Bread and roses, Fridge Gallery

2019 Unforgettable Childhood, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Rome, Italy

2019 Unforgettable Childhood, Torino, Italy

2019 La Porta Nuova, Torino, Italy

2019 Miniscule, Cross Lane Gallery, Kendall ,England

2019 Into the wild ,Zezeze Gallery of Architecture, Tel-Aviv

2019 Unforgettable Childhood, Ravina Jewish Museum , Italy

2019 Group Exhibition, Artists House, Haifa

2018 Gan Lewinsky Library, Beit Benyamini, Tel Aviv

2018 Unforgettable Childhood, The Artists House, Tel Aviv

2018 ‘Spirit of Israel – Nekudat Zhut’, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

2018 Unforgettable Childhood, National Museum, Ravena, Italy

2018 ‘Money Talks’, Ein Hod Gallery, Ein Hod.

2018 Unforgettable Childhood, Matera, Italy

2018 ‘Ain Lezion -70 years for the Establishment of the state of Israel’ Ein Hod Gallery, Ein Hod.

2017 Street Arts V0LANT – Museum of writing, Torino ,Italy

2017 Guest artists – Ein Hod Gallery

2017 The Department – Facebook, Hanaml 23, Haifa

2017 Women creators around the world – Lemon Frame Gallery, Tel Aviv Port

2017 Not everything is black & white – Ein Hod Gallery

2016 Annual exhibition – Chagall Artists House in Haifa

2016  “Fragile”- ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubliana , Slovenia

2016  Arti – The Tirosh Galleries fair

2016  “Superstitions” – Ein Hod Gallery

2015 “Human Portray Inside/Out”, London, The Brick Lane Gallery

2015 Positive Negative” – Ein Hod Gallery

2015 “Photo Tel Aviv”

2015 A tribute to Marc Chagall – Haifa Artists House

2015 “Choices”  –  Ein Hod Gallery

2015 “Silence” – Ein Hod Gallery

2014 “Freedom” – Ein Hod Gallery

2014 “Photo Tel Aviv”

2014 “In Slippers” – Ein Hod Gallery

2013 “Alcohol” – Ein Hod Galley

2013 “Photo Tel Aviv”

2012 “End of Season” – Ein Hod Gallery

2012 Jaffa Art Salon – Port of Jaffa

2012 “Daydreaming” – Ein Hod Gallery

2012 “Rock and Roll” – Ein Hod Gallery

2011 Jaffa Photography Salon

2011  “Studio” – Ein Hod Gallery

2011 “Human Landscape” – Tel Aviv House of Artists

2010 “Secrets” – Ein Hod Gallery

Various frameworks

2018 The book cover photo of “You do realize that this book should be called-Awakening the Soul”, Itael Gil Camon

2016 The poetry book cover photo “All the executors are well” [Lekol HaTalyanim Shalom] – Liel Alexandra Admon, Keshev LaShira publishing

2015 Photos for the book “So No One Will Hear” – Dafna Argaman, Argaman Tedarim Publishing

2014 The book cover photo of “The Forein” – Elinoar Gannani, Ofir Bikurim Publishing house

Articles and Publications

2021 Erev Rav journal, Between ash and glow, by Dr.Nava Sadeh

2021 Galley Zahal, Yoav Ginai with Miri Krimolovsky

2020  Catalog of the Biennale of Arts and Design, Eretz Israel Museum

2019 Exhibition catalog ‘La Porta Nouova’

2019 Cover of the journal ‘Tsrif ‘Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,Israel

2018 Exhibition catalog ‘Spirit of Israel – Nekudat Zhut’, Eretz Israel Museum

2018 Portfolio Magazine, Article by Yuval Saar

2018 Exhibitions continue, “Gallery”, Haaretz newspaper

2017 Vedere a Torino – il giornale dell’arte 

2016 An article within the exhibit, “Void,” by Margalit Berriet and Marie-Cècile Berdaguer

2016 Terminal Art Journal, “Art in the 21st Century,” (Issue 57), by Rachel Sukman

2014 An article within the exhibit, “Seas a Day,” by Dr. Nava Sevilla Sadeh

2014  “Gallery,” in the Haaretz newspaper, by Etan Buganim

2014 “Exhibition Per Day,” Channel 10 News

2014 “The Vanishing Sea,” Yediot Tel Aviv, by Eyal Malooban

2012 “To Draw with a Camera,” Yediot Haifa, by Yoram Mark Reich